So I realize I've skipped from Race 5 to Race 8 for blog posts, but I'll get back to posting about running the Tough Mudder for races 6 & 7 later, as it will be much more in-depth, because there is much more to write about. So on to Race 8 - the Volkslaufe in Frankenmuth, MI on the 4th of July.

This race was actually relatively uncharted territory for me as far as races go. The Volkslaufe was a traditional road race, with options of 5K, 10K, or 20K distances. I chose the 10K and was happy I did, simply because I still wasn't back to 100% after getting sick from the Tough Mudder just 3 days prior. I mention it as uncharted territory because this was actually only the 3rd traditional road race I've competed in...ever. 

Now, none of this is meant to be a knock at folks who really enjoy road races, but they're just not for me. I definitely felt out of my element and was begging for an obstacle to break up the monotony every step of the 6.2 miles. I'm pretty convinced I was also the only person on the course who didn't have a watch on their wrist and constantly checking it to see my pace. 

I give the Frankenmuth Jaycees and the community credit because they really do put on a great event, and it certainly involves the whole community. As you wind through the neighborhoods homeowners are out in their yards cheering on the runners, many have friends and family over to join in as well, and others have music playing. Some folks even had hoses or sprinklers that they aimed out towards the road for any racer who wanted to run through them. I'm sure anyone behind me thought I was slightly crazy - whereas everyone else stayed a straight course, I could be found changing the path of my run to hit every sprinkler or hose available, simply to add something a little different than just running. The only very odd moment that I questioned about the race was right before it even started. Nothing against our Canadian neighbors, but just prior to the race beginning the band played "Oh Canada" and then the "Star-Spangled Banner". Normally, this wouldn't seem so odd to me since we are so close to Canada, but the fact that the race is held on the 4th of July the Canadian national anthem seemed slightly out of place.

So that's about it for the Volkslaufe. For a road race, I had no complaints, just not my preference. I'll get my blog post about the back-to-back Tough Mudder weekend up soon. 



02/17/2015 8:37am

That is weird.. why would Canadians do that? And I agree with you, I am not into a road race, the Spartan Beast is much more fun and extreme!

03/17/2015 12:01pm

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05/12/2015 10:59am

I agree with you, Canadians are quite odd with their traditions and their timing.. playing their national anthem on the 4th of July is definitely just ridiculous! I'm sorry you got sick after Tough Mudder though, but that event totally reflects its name, it is very tough to go through.

12/27/2015 11:54pm

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04/20/2017 7:35am

Presently, none of this is intended to be a thump at people who truly appreciate street races, yet they're simply not for me. I certainly got a handle on of my component and was asking for an impediment to separate the repetitiveness each progression of the 6.2 miles. I'm quite persuaded I was likewise the main individual on the course who didn't have a watch on their wrist and always checking it to see my pace.

04/20/2017 8:26am

This race was very unknown region for me to the extent races go. The Volkslaufe was a customary street race, with choices of 5K, 10K, or 20K separations. I picked the 10K and was upbeat I did, essentially in light of the fact that regardless I wasn't back to 100% subsequent to becoming ill from the Tough Mudder only 3 days earlier. I specify it as unknown domain since this was in reality just the third conventional street race I've contended in...ever.

04/22/2017 2:48am

I concur with you, Canadians are very odd with their customs and their planning.. playing their national song of praise on the fourth of July is unquestionably quite recently absurd! I'm sad you got wiped out after Tough Mudder however, yet that occasion thoroughly mirrors its name, it is exceptionally hard to experience.

05/29/2017 8:41am

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06/14/2017 4:00am

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